Emerging from Isolation by Drew Mitchell

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water - another shark was spotted off the beach...this time in the form of the Delta variant of Covid. The “beach” is not closed yet, like 18 months ago, but people are swimming cautiously- close to home shore and with protective mask life jackets.

SVBTA President, Drew Mitchell, shared his story with us. After literally not leaving the house (except for a necessary trip to the bank), and 18 months of home delivery, Drew and his family have ventured out on fun trips and in ways to support the hospitality industry.

Berry picking is the order of the day- strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cherry. Drew, together with his wife and two children, spend a day picking their personal crop. (Drew says they all participate equally, but I think Drew supervises from the comfort of a folding chair.)

Like all of us, Drew had not physically visited with immediate family for over a year. He and his family are making up for lost time. They recently reunited with Drew’s older brother, sister in law, and their three girls, aged three to five. “It was heartening to see how the children's friendships endured through play and laughter, as if no time had passed at all,” says Drew - a lesson we adults could learn.

Plans are in place to support the travel and hospitality community in August. Drew’s parents in law are scheduled to fly from Boston to Oakland on Southwest. The family plans to rent an Avis SUV and stay at the Hyatt Sonoma County in Santa Rosa for a week. From there they will have fun at the Safari West, various wineries, and dining at their favorite restaurants.

“We are excited to help support our travel and hospitality community,” says Drew.

Thank you Drew, and everyone in our SVBTA community who is safely venturing out from isolation to support our restaurants, hotels, car rental, and airline partners. Together, we will all be “Rising Strong Together.”

Drew Mitchell is the Regional Travel Director - The Americas at Cognizant and current President of the Silicon Valley Business Travel Association (SVBTA). When not picking berries, he and his wife play with their son Eli on the beach near their home in Aptos, CA.

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