How to make the employment phone ring by Jeanette Tevis

I find myself asking,” when will my hotel call me back? and "Do I need to change my industry?” I know I am not alone in asking these questions, so I am sharing with you how I am going about with possible answers.

From day one of being furloughed and filing for unemployment, I am required to look for work and submit my resume to 3 different employers in order for me to certify for EDD every two weeks. It's been a wake-up call for me because I haven't updated my resume nor my LinkedIn profile in years

Make sure your Linkedin is updated annually. It adds credibility to your role as a professional, and every update generates a message to your contacts, reminding them that you are still working, and growing in your profession. Your Linkedin profile is your professional brand and dynamic resume which will ultimately replace today’s standard and static printed document.

The goal of the resume is not to secure the job, but to invite an interview. The dawn of AI resume scrubbing now mandates using the right words, assuring proper format, and writing cover letters that impress. I’ve attended several free webinars that help me improve this type of communication to improve the chances of receiving a response to resumes sent via Linkedin, Indeed, Reddit, Facebook Hospitality, a government website, or industry-specific job sites.

In order to pass the initial screening call from a recruiter, be sure to do your homework on the company and job position beforehand. Once you secure an interview date, which will be virtual, plan to dress up, and prepare for a normal face to face meeting. Prepare your tech before the call (ensure the app is uploaded, make sure your internet is working). If the internet fails, have a back-up telephone number to reconnect with your interviewer.

During the interview, be flexible: be prepared for the job offered to be somewhat different from what was published on the website. Nothing is set in stone. Don’t end up with “This is not what I applied for”. When is the right time to ask questions about salary? Best to do so when the interviewer asks you about your compensation expectations. However, if you suspect that the job is a commission only, ask that question up-front. If commission only is not in your comfort zone, be honest early. Otherwise, sell yourself first and discuss money later.

Finally, remember that looking for a new job after many years with the same company or industry, is like learning how to date again, after a divorce. Be patient, be strong, and above all, put yourself first. They deserve you as much as you deserve them.

Jeanette Tevis is the Sponsorship Director on the Board of SVBTA and a committee contributor of

Jeanette is a Sr. Area Manager, Business Travel Sales, Hiltons of California (furloughed) and recently achieved a certification from the Goldspring Master Class: Airline Program Management

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