I would not wish this year upon anyone

I would not wish this year upon anyone. Our industry has been directly affected by the global health and economic pandemic. Careers came to a halt. Our financial security is in question.

As we move into the last season of this year, I reflect at all the dreaded stories that have plagued us. I would not wish this year upon anybody - and it is up to us to play our parts and continue to thrive, to pivot, and re-imagine ourselves.

I know there are a lot of hurdles. I understand it is easier said than done. Harder than it seems, I think we must remain supportive of our peers and push each other to get relief from these humps.

I am lucky to have a family who listens to my rants and crazy ideas. I am very thankful to friends’ encouragement and flattered by their help. Their support has influenced my mental disposition positively. It has been hard and still can be. It is a continuous ebb and flow of mental highs and lows. My son’s kindergarten teacher once shared “Go with the flow”. Wise words to ease the anxiousness of the uncertain.

Though I stumbled, I have come to a decision to reset and flip that switch - be mentally strong. Maybe you can live up to it as well:

Get out of the cave! Be social. I know, I know. Socializing is a challenge given the health crisis. Consider these. Establish a group bubble and enjoy weekly socially distanced hikes together. Catch up with family and friends through video calls. Still celebrate and have virtual parties – host a live stream disco event or watch a movie together on Netflix/Hulu. Having fun with your loved ones will do wonders.

Hang the pajamas – feel good and look good! You’d be surprised how much better you’d feel. Research by the Newport Institute shows that dressing up increases self esteem and productivity. Just a little make up or wearing that nicer shirt can go a long way.

Marie Kondo it! Inspired by the Japanese decluttering guru, take time to assess your physical environment. Don’t use it? Don’t need it? Donate it. Sell it. Give it to a friend or neighbor. Clean out each room at home. Take the weeds out from your garden. It feels like a reset. Enjoy the catharsis!

Health is wealth. Generic as it sounds, there is nothing more important than keeping safe and healthy especially now. Strengthen up – start with a 30 minute walk, then progress to 45 minutes. Add up some squats and lifts. Attend a yoga class on zoom every morning. Revamp your diet. More whole foods cooked at home than pizza delivery. Fill your fridge with more greens and less fat. Won’t it be nice to finally trim down and tone up?

Lobby for a hobby or be that webinar fanatic….learn, learn learn! Be productive and creative with your time! Have you nurtured a sourdough starter? Interested in learning to use a DSLR camera? Maybe grow a vegetable garden? Are you a sucker for free webinars? Do you want to finally learn how to do pivot tables? Finally take the time to get that professional certification?

Don’t forget to network! Work with your peers. A lot of careers are at a halt. Maybe you are considering an industry change. Perhaps, you have filled out thousands of job applications with no concrete leads. Don’t be surprised to find that dream job through your network. Call an old friend. Ping your previous boss. You would be surprised!

Let social media do its work. There are a lot of Facebook and LinkedIn groups to choose from. Use it to nurture your new plant hobby, or maybe join your neighborhood network to exchange your child’s old bed for a Anime collection. Make sure your Linkedin profile is up today. You might receive a ping from that recruiter that can help you find your next adventure.

Volunteer for skills. Considering donating your time and effort? Invest your time to showcase your skills. You might just impress your colleagues and end up with a great recommendation!

I wish that we all find the strength, courage and inspiration that will help us thrive in life. We are resilient members of society. We are trained to succeed. And we are here to support each other. This year will soon come to a close; and I know each of us will settle in the right places meant for us. Positive vibes to everyone. Be strong.

Monica Sagum is the SVBTA Board Secretary and previously Board Treasurer for two terms (2015-2018). As SVBTA's Marketing Co-Chair, Monica has participated as a campaign strategy creator and brand evangelist. Monica has over ten years of experience in hospitality sales in transportation and hotel including as Area Manager for Business Travel Sales at Hilton Worldwide

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